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Meet Dr. Timothy Katzen

Dr. Katzen believes passionately in the continual pursuit of knowledge and the power of education, and takes pride in keeping abreast of all of the latest technological developments and surgical trends in the fields of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. He utilizes this knowledge to build a strong foundation for his surgical work, and then passes this information on to his patients, in order to ensure that they are well-informed and educated about their details of their plastic surgery procedure(s), and he takes great care to ensure that his patients are actively involved in the conception of their own individually customized surgical treatment plan.

After finishing his three-year training in general surgery, Dr. Katzen went on to complete seven years of training in plastic surgery, and was honored to participate in three, separate, year-long fellowships in plastic surgery at widely renowned teaching hospitals, including:

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
NYU Medical Center
St. Joseph’s Hospital

Dr. Katzen holds a board certification by the esteemed American Board of Plastic Surgery, and is an active member in good standing of a number of prominent professional associations, including:

         abms   facscioc       asops


For more information about Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Katzen’s procedures and treatments please visit:

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8751 West Charleston Blvd.
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